Gallery of Oleg Khe

The main thing in art is passion and obsession

Oleg Khe - artist, illustrator, journalist

Artist, illustrator

What motivates me

My path to art was not direct and planned. I got a journalism education and had a great career as an editor and publisher. It was only in adulthood that I realized that my real passion was art. I took a risk and now I’m doing everything to realize my destiny. Every morning I wake up with the promise that today I will work to the limit of my abilities and capabilities. And every single day that’s exactly what I do.

In my art I try to understand the nature of women, to tell their stories. Each drawing is an episode in which I experience the feelings of the heroine, I go through her difficult path. That’s how my empathy manifests itself.

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My publication in Buddhist Art Meditations Journal

It has become customary for me to speak from a female face. Draw and explain the feelings that I wanted to express. 

Types of my creativity

I like to integrate different materials into my work, even those that we often send to the trash.

Waiting in the night

Digital art / 2023

Che Guevara

Newspaper, inc, acrylic / 2017